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How We help

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Many saas businesses are struggling to grow
Over the last decade as building software has become easier, competition within the SaaS industry has increased and prices are under pressure.
Three reasons why building software has become easier
Cloud Infrastructure
Pay-as-you-go APIs
Open Source Code
At the same time, distribution channels have become saturated, and customer acquisition costs (CAC) have increased. Net result? Growth has become very difficult.
Increase in CAC between 2013 and 2018



Proven SaaS growth expertise is often Expensive and hard to source
Recruiting seasoned growth experts is difficult and usually takes months
Agencies are expensive and typically  prioritize work with large clients
Training junior employees takes years and could put growth goals at risk
We started Eliron to help founders & growth leaders succeed
Unlike many agencies that only work on “high-budget” projects for well-funded clients, we designed Eliron's mentoring services so it's available to SaaS businesses of all shapes and sizes.
Most consulting firms spend more than 30% of their time on networking and sales. We keep our services affordable by slashing our CAC and finding scalable, low cost acquisition strategies for ourselves. Isn’t that what clients want anyway?
The market is cluttered with advisors who don't walk the talk. SEO "experts" with websites that are not optimized for SEO, ad agencies that don’t run ads for themselves... the list goes on. At Eliron, we only recommend strategies that we use.

Our Team

We tap into our experience across strategy, marketing, engineering and data science to drive growth.
Abisheg Elijah
Partner - Growth
Abisheg has over 8 years of experience helping SaaS businesses grow. Before Eliron, he crafted the growth strategy for a HealthTech SaaS platform and scaled it to several million in revenue before it was acquired by a subsidiary of HCSC, the 4th largest health insurer in the US. Abisheg’s expertise areas include customer development, product marketing, conversion rate optimization, paid ads, content marketing, product-led growth, strategic positioning and storytelling.  

He has also helped several Fortune 500 enterprises expand into emerging markets in Asia and Africa while consulting for EY. Abisheg started his career building enterprise software solutions and brings a deep understanding of software engineering and product management processes. He holds an MBA and has completed executive education on Strategy at Harvard Business School.  

Abisheg’s top strengths include achiever, strategic, focus, analytical & competition. He often helps non-profits through pro-bono consulting engagements. An avid musician, Abisheg plays the bass guitar and produces music videos when he's not optimizing growth.
Sharon lawrence
Principal - Analytics & Operations
Sharon works closely with Abisheg and brings data science and process expertise. Her expertise areas include ETL operations to pull datasets from multiple digital systems, building models that provide business insights and putting in place cross-functional processes and automation to support growth teams. Sharon is adept in Python.

Before Eliron, Sharon worked on product development, process and quality improvement projects for Fortune 500 enterprises in the food production industry. She holds a Masters in Engineering and has completed a specialization in Data Science at University of Michigan. Sharon has also created online course content for universities.

Empathy, developer, harmony, consistency and includer are some of Sharon's top strengths. She loves basketball and taking long scenic drives. Sharon is also passionate about mentoring junior high and high school kids through music.

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