Benchmarks for SaaS Businesses

Detailed metrics like freemium upgrade rate, retention rate, CAC and more from leading companies pursuing product-led growth.

Compare your metrics with others pursuing a similar strategy.

Most SaaS benchmarks are broad averages across businesses with very different strategies. You can't make good decisions with that kind of data. That's why we pulled together detailed metrics from best-in -class companies and categorized them by strategy.

Identify areas where you have the most opportunity to improve.

Drill drown to the details and identify where your growth flywheel is underperforming. Once you pinpoint the root cause, it's a whole lot easier to roll out optimizations and improve results.

Set goals for your growth initiatives based on market benchmarks.

We get it. Setting the right goal for your growth experiments is hard. Is the goal unrealistic? Is it too conservative? Use these benchmarks to set audacious and yet realistic goals for your growth initiatives using comparable data from the market.
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