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Select examples of our work across product marketing, growth marketing, product ops, customer development, sales ops, go-to-market strategy and execution.
Product Marketing


Reviewed competitive landscape, identified emerging trends and helped a HR Tech SaaS product differentiate their positioning.
Product Marketing

Pricing Strategy

Helped draft a value-based pricing model for an enterprise SaaS product and optimized it based on market feedback.
Product Marketing

Product Messaging

Created case studies, web pages, explainer videos, brochures & feature announcements for a MarTech solution.
Product Marketing


Helped identify and establish channel partnerships for a FinTech SaaS product.
Growth Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization

Reviewed marketing analytics, optimized landing pages and free trial sign up flows for a SaaS product targeting the church market resulting in significant increase in conversion rates.
Growth marketing

Digital Ads

Helped a seed stage SaaS business launch and optimize free trial signups using prospecting and re-targeting ads on Facebook and Google networks.
Growth Marketing

SEO & Content Marketing

Conceptualized and helped execute a content marketing strategy increasing organic traffic and inbound leads within 3 months for a HR Tech SaaS solution.  
Product Operations

Product Analytics

Analyzed behavioral and demographic data for a non-profit SaaS platform and built a model to predict user activation. Identified platform optimizations based on insights from model.
Product operations

A/B Testing & Optimization

Optimized onboarding flows and email notifications for a FinTech SaaS platform.
Customer development

User Research

Conducted user interviews and identified jobs to be done for a SaaS platform targeting the church market.
Customer development

Product Innovation

Helped a pre-launch SaaS business prioritize product roadmap and ideate on new product features based on user feedback.
Go-to-market Strategy

Segmentation & Targeting

Defined segments, ideal customer profiles and lead classification criteria for a Healthcare SaaS product.
go-to-market execution

Sales Enablement

Created demo presentations, call scripts, email sequences and proposal templates for an Enterprise SaaS platform's field sales team.
Sales operations

CRM Setup & Administration

Established sales processes, configured Salesforce and setup pipeline reports for a HealthTech SaaS platform.
Sales operations

Prospecting & Lead Enrichment

Helped a HR Tech SaaS platform build or purchase prospect lists and enriched lead data using Clearbit & Linkedin.
Sales operations

Marketing Automation

Implemented automated lead scoring, email nurture sequences and chatbots using Hubspot and Intercom.

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